Climb Aloha Rock School

Website Redesign

I was honored to collaborate with Climb Aloha Rock School to work on a rebrand of their business as well as an entire website overhaul. Our aim was to create a brand that spoke to the local authenticity of Climb Aloha while still establishing them as a professional and reputable business.


The goal was to create a website that made information easy to find for both a professional and recreational customer, had clear CTAs, and was very simple to navigate. We accomplished this by designing a clean class page, highlighting important information, and adding "Book Now" buttons.


The branding centered around the concept of an Island Authentic business that was professional and trustworthy. By using cool greys paired with a bold orange, Climb Aloha looks like a strong business with both fun and safety in mind. We also incorporated a cleaner logotype on the professional site versus the friendlier tiki-man logo on the recreational section.


Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Muse